Searching images in the WHO/WPRO Image Bank may be done through keyword search, Choices Droplist search, or using both.

I - Keyword search:
a. type query criteria in the "keyword" box
b. click "Submit Query"

* You may type any word / term in the "keyword" box that cannot be found in the other boxes below.

II - Choices Droplist:
a. click Choices Droplist button on the boxes below to select terms from the list
b. select the terms from the list by clicking on it
c. click "Submit Query"

Boolean operators (and-or-not) beside the last three boxes below are provided for complex searches.
* The Boolean operator you select for a box determines how the search criteria in that box will be combined with the other boxes.

Images that meet the search criteria are displayed as a report of available images.
Otherwise, you are prompted that no records available and that you may have to refine your search.



country and area



To get a high resolution copy of the image(s), please contact the Public Information Office
WHO / Regional Office for the Western Pacific, United Nations Avenue, P.O. Box 2932, 1000 Manila, Philippines
Fax (63 2) 528 9069 * Tel.: (63 2) 528 9991 * E-mail: